Why You’ll Want a Simpler Christmas Wreath in 2020

AS WE LIMP toward the finish line of this year, a traditional wreath—the perfect circle of evergreen leaves with a big red velvet bow—seems out-of-keeping with the turbulence of 2020. Flocked pinecones and glittery globes are positively tone deaf. “In this historic year, we’ve noticed in ourselves and our clients a renewed appreciation for simple, natural treasures,” said Kelsey Ter Meer, principal designer at Heart & Soil Flowers, in Newburgh, N.Y.

Limited ingredients characterize this season’s crop. Pottery Barn’s Dried Wheat Wreath, for example, comprises a sheaf-like circle of stalks, symbolizing prosperity and good fortune.

Bloomist’s halo of pink peppercorns, above, adorned only with a cluster of off-center pinecones, discretely brings color.

The Rosemary and Lavender Wreath from Williams Sonoma , incorporates materials that align with two big 2020 themes: Rosemary has been associated with remembrance since ancient Greece, and lavender is used as a natural sleep aid.

Terrain’s strangely beautiful Shelf Mushroom and Moss Wreath, made of sponge mushrooms and velvety greenery, conjures nature in its most primitive form.

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