What ‘Jackass’ Star Steve-O Did To Promote His New Comedy Special Will Make You Want To Watch

Given the track record of Steve-O, fans would expect nothing less from his latest headline.

Steve-O is best known for his entertainment career and the stunts he pulled on the television series Jackass, and the subsequent Jackass movies that followed, so his latest stunt to promote his new comedy special should not be a surprise to anyone. Rising to fame on Jackass, Steve-O became a household name for his hilarious and reckless stunts. The show, created by fellow co-star Johnny Knoxville, followed the cast as they performed outlandish stunts and pranked each other in public. Given the track record of Steve-O, fans would expect nothing less from his latest headline.

After Jackass, Steve-O fell into some personal problems and went to rehab. Having been in and out of jail, Steve-O sought sobriety and has been sober since 2008. Seeking to rebuild his reputation, he began to find ways to boost his entertainment career, appearing in more Jackass projects, like Jackass 3D, and even Dancing with the Stars. His new special Gnarly is a solo venture he hopes will continue his revived success.

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Latest Stunt

In efforts to promote his new special, Steve-O duct-taped himself to a Hollywood billboard. In a post on Instagram, he assured fans that a team of professionals had safely put him there and that he did not want to take away from the city’s resources to help him. He was shirtless and barefoot while also wearing a diaper. While some may not be shocked by his latest stunt, many were surprised to see a man taped to a billboard above a Hollywood intersection.

Despite his call for no city intervention, a passerby reported the stunt to the Los Angeles Fire Department and 21 responders arrived to relieve Steve-O from the billboard. Steve-O seemed to have found a loophole and was not arrested for the stunt. Since he rented the billboard and voluntarily taped himself to it, they could not charge him with trespassing.

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‘Gnarly’ Special

His new multimedia special features comedy and Jackass-style stunts. With cameos from his Jackass friends including Bam Margera, Wee Man, Chris Pontius, and Johnny Knoxville, fans are thrilled that his new special seems like the gang is back together. The special is bittersweet because the comedy stunt team is down one special member in Ryan Dunn. Dunn, who died in a car accident in 2011, was one of the stars of Jackass and this special is the first time that fans will see the team’s antics without their beloved friend and castmate.

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What People Think Of His Stunt And Special

Fans are delighted for this special especially with everything Steve-O has endured the last decade. To see him as his old, goofy self is something fans have only longed for. On top of Steve-O returning, the fact the other guys are involved makes Gnarly a Jackass reunion. Fans took to Twitter praising the stunt and some even said it caused them to want to watch the special, so Steve-O’s risky stunt paid off.

Not everyone was thrilled with the stunt and Los Angeles Police Dept. Commanding Officer for Hollywood Patrol Division said a lot of resources were used that could have been helping other areas that need it. Although no charges were filed, it seems as though Steve-O’s post about being fine up high fell on deaf ears. Regardless of the perception, Steve-O is fine and his special Gnarly is sure to be a treat for all his fans.

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