‘Weekend Update’ Doesn’t Tiptoe Around President And His COVID

It took everything the “Weekend Update” anchors had not to careen into total tastelessness when dealing with President Donald Trump testing positive for COVID-19.

For one thing, they had so little time to work out something super delicate.

“Say what you will about 2020, but it’s got moves,“ quipped Colin Jost on “Saturday Night Live’s” faux news program. It “was a lot for to process a day before we came on the air after four months off.”

Michael Che conceded as he tried to joke about the issue: “This is weird. A lot of people on both sides are saying there’s nothing funny about Trump being hospitalized with coronavirus — even though he mocked the safety precautions for the coronavirus — and they’d be wrong.”

It’s just “so on the nose,” Che couldn’t help but notice. “It’d be like if I were making fun of people who wear belts and then my pants just immediately fell down.”

He added: “Look, I don’t want the president to die, obviously. Actually, I wish him a very lengthy recovery.”

Jost noted a suddenly softer Trump, who tweeted the word “love” (with three exclamation points) in a message Friday about the support he’s getting.

“It sounds like they’re cutting his hydroxychloroquine” — the drug Trump has touted — “with a little bit of molly,” Jost noted, referring to Ecstasy.

Check out the video up top.

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