Tips for a Successful Garage Sale

Q: We’re moving and have so much stuff to get rid of. Is it worth the effort to hold a yard sale? And how do we make sure it’s not a dud?

A: This may be a banger year for yard sales, and if you put the time into setting yours up right, you could have success. “There are avid garage-sale people who do this every weekend,” said Ava Seavey, who owns the website “They have pent-up energy to do this because they couldn’t do this for a year because of the pandemic.”

Here are some ways to help make yours succeed.

Consider your inventory: Before you commit to a sale, look at what you actually have. Yard sales work best if you have a variety of stuff to appeal to a wide range of shoppers — do-it-yourselfers looking for tools, young parents looking for baby gear, antiquers on the hunt for funky finds. If your goods are limited, consider asking a neighbor (or a few neighbors) to join you for a group sale. A multifamily sale has other benefits, too. It’s easier to spread the word, and you can set up the sale at the busiest location.

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