The Noise Upstairs Is Unbearable. How Do I Stop It?

Q: I live in a rental building in Harlem and have always worked from home. Since the start of the pandemic, the family directly above me has been home, too, with two young children. Now that winter is here, they never seem to go out. I can hear running, jumping and shouting. Normally, I’d work at the cafe down the street for a few hours, but that’s not an option. I know they must have cabin fever, but so do I. What am I supposed to do?

A: We’ve all been stuck inside for close to a year, and now that the weather is cold, there are few escapes from our isolation. Children need to play. But you need to work. These are not incompatible, so long as the adults deal with the noise.

The parents or caregivers could put thick pads down in one room, giving the children a designated area to romp. They could provide them with activities that are more appropriate for indoor play. They could remind them to use their inside voices. They could bundle them up and take them outside to run around.

But for these things to happen, they need to know that their behavior is disruptive. You do have rights. Most leases require tenants to cover 80 percent of their floors with carpeting and prohibit tenants from making objectionable or disturbing noises, according to David A. Kaminsky, a Manhattan real estate lawyer.

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