The Audi R8 That Rezz Takes for a Spin

Rezz (Ukrainian-born

Isabelle Rezazadeh

), 25, the Toronto-based DJ, recording artist and producer currently featured in the documentary “Underplayed,” on her wrapped 2018


R8, as told to A.J. Baime.

The first Audi I had was an A4. I went to a dealership to get an oil change and I saw this convertible white R8. I had no intention at the time to upgrade my car. But I saw this R8. I was already thinking that the next time I upgraded my car I was going to get the highest version of an Audi I could get. That time came sooner than I thought it would.

When I bought the R8 two years ago, it was gloss black with gray detail on the side panels. It looked pretty good. For years I have been influenced by an artist named Deadmau5, and he continues to inspire me. He’s a car fanatic and likes to get his cars wrapped. One time I was at a party at his house and he introduced me to a guy who wraps his cars, from a company called Sekanskin. This company is known for wrapping luxury cars. I looked at their Instagram page and there were all these wrapped Lambos and stuff like that.

Photos: The Story of the Audi That Rezz Wrapped

The Toronto DJ shows off her 2018 R8 with a custom black and red exterior

The DJ known as Rezz bought her 2018 Audi R8 two years ago. She calls it ‘a tangible reminder of how hard I have worked over the last six years.’

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For people who don’t know what wrapping is, it’s kind of like wrapping your car like you would wrap a gift, only it’s more high-tech, high-quality and sturdy. Basically they’re putting a skin over your car that fits every curve and angle perfectly. It’s a cool idea for two reasons: One, you can protect your car from getting dinged by little rocks. Two, you can personalize your car, so it becomes something special for you. If you get bored, you can change the wrap. [Wrapping a car can cost from about $2,000 to five figures, depending on the car and the company.]

I am not really into the attention my car gets. In fact, I have always been reserved about spending money because that’s how I was raised and because I have never really cared about material objects. But for once in my life, I thought, I’m going to get this crazy car and wrap it just how I want it, so that whenever I drive it, it will be a tangible reminder of how hard I have worked over the last six years.

For me, red and black have been my favorite colors since I was a kid. I had to decide whether to go with black and red trim, or vice versa. The guys at Sekanskin sent me mock-up versions and I went with satin black with a gloss red trim. It makes the curves and angles of this car pop.

Over the last couple years, I’ve become obsessed with wrapping. Anytime a friend gets a new car, I imagine how I would modify it. I even have my mom wrapping her car. She’s on her third color. When I started with my R8, I figured that I would change the wrap after some time, but I can’t imagine redoing it now. I love it how it is.

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