Rude Celebrities TikTok


Justin Bieber:

“I was dating a guy who was a dancer for him at the time, and he took me to a party Justin was at. I was a huge fan, and I worked up the courage to ask for a photo. He grabs my shoulder and goes, ‘We’re not doing that right now.’ I understand. There’s a time and a place. Fast forward, there’s a photo booth at this party, and I’m taking cute pics of myself. He walks up to me and goes, ‘Can you move? I wanna take a picture.’ He was really that rude. I was like, ‘You can wait in line like everyone else.’ This goes on for a while. I’m like, ‘What if I don’t move?’ He’s like, ‘No what ifs. Just move.’ I moved. Little did I know, friend snapped a picture. Notice how he’s in my face.”


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