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Q: Holiday tipping is a mystery to me. I know I am supposed to tip the staff of my Upper West Side co-op, but I never know how much. This year, the question seems complicated by the pandemic. Tell me, how much should I give?

A: Every year, New Yorkers tip their doormen, supers and porters for a year of opening the doors, cleaning the hallways, collecting the packages and doing the other thankless jobs necessary to keep a building running smoothly. If ever there were a year to open your wallet wide, this is the one.

“There was so much more that was asked of these people in the beginning of the year, and it’s important to acknowledge that,” said Philip Lang, a co-founder of Triplemint, who helped develop the company’s online tip-o-meter. “These were the people who didn’t have a choice but to come in to work everyday. They were the ones interacting with everyone who came into the building.”

But the pandemic has also been financially devastating for so many New Yorkers, a lot of whom don’t have the money to spare. Between February and May, 1.25 million jobs were reportedly lost in New York City. In October, the unemployment rate was 13.2 percent — a huge leap from 3.6 percent in October 2019.

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