JUST LAUGH | Rob Schneider brings comedy to the Ventura County Fairgrounds on Aug. 28|VC Reporter

PICTURED: SNL alum Rob Schneider. Photo by Scott Yamano/NETFLIX © 2020

by Alex Wilson

Ventura’s popular Concerts in Your Car series hosts live stand-up comedy for the first time this week.

Coming to the Ventura County Fairgrounds on Aug. 28 will be David Spade and Rob Schneider, former Saturday Night Live cast members from the 1990s. They’ve both seen their stars rise since then, with numerous movie and TV performances as well as stand-up comedy shows.

Spade is known for hit films including Tommy Boy and Joe Dirt as well as the TV show Just Shoot Me!

Schneider’s post-SNL credits include the Deuce Bigalow films and the TV comedy Real Rob based on his own life. He just released his first Netflix stand-up comedy special, Asian Momma, Mexican Kids.

Live shows resembling old drive-in theaters are one way promoters are able to offer entertainment in this new socially distanced reality, and for Schneider, it’s the first time he’s performed for an audience in cars surrounding the stage. He said he’s happy for the opportunity to make people laugh in person, especially during such troubled times.

“You try to talk about what’s happening in the world and I think I’ll touch on some of the things. I think people have gone through a traumatic experience, I think everyone has. I’ll touch on that in a way to lighten things up and something they can relate to and make them laugh,” said Schneider. “I just want to give somebody something fun so they can just turn off all the stress, turn off the pressures of their own lives and just laugh.”

He’s also happy that there’s a safe way to share his comedy during a time when people need a lift more than ever before.

“People need to go out and see shows and people need to go out and be entertained,” he said. “People need to go out of their house. People need to live their lives, you know? And this seems to be a very cautious way of doing that given the state of world affairs. I really want people to laugh ‘till they have to get out of their cars and go find the restroom.”

The comedian has seen some of his projects, such as movies and podcasts, put on hold during the pandemic. But he was reluctant to discuss his own troubles in light of what others are going through.

“I don’t want to complain about my things when there are people who are really hurting,” said Schneider. “It seems very trivial. Showbiz is certainly not important when we have a large segment of the population that their businesses have been closed down, they’re struggling. So many people have lost their jobs. It seems inappropriate to discuss what a movie and TV star is suffering through.”

Even though this will be Schneider’s first drive-in show, he does have an idea of how he hopes fans will respond to his jokes.

“Just remember. It’s one honk for a quick, short laugh. Two honks for like, ‘Oh that was a good one’,” said Schneider. “And if you’re about to piss your pants laughing, it’s three sustained honks. OK?”

Concerts in Your Car presents David Spade and Rob Schneider on Friday, Aug. 28, at 8 p.m. at the Ventura County Fairgrounds, 10 W. Harbor Blvd., Ventura. For tickets and more information, visit www.concertsinyourcar.com.

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