Gal Gadot Chopped Off A Fingertip And Her Husband Threw It Down The Garbage Disposal

Gadot remembered accidentally slicing the end of her finger off while cutting cabbage following some daytime drinking. Her husband, Yaron Varsano, held up the tip and was so disgusted with it, she said, that he tossed it in into the garbage disposal.

“Wow, he threw your finger down the garbage disposal!” said a stunned Kimmel, who earlier revealed how he had once lost one of his own fingertips while cutting Parmesan cheese.

“It was a mess. We were a mess,” admitted Gadot, who said she stopped drinking following the accident. Gadot is now pregnant with her third child.

To Kimmel’s further astonishment, Gadot said she didn’t even go to the hospital following the injury.

“There was nothing to sew,” she explained.

Watch the interview here:

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