Fall Salad Recipes That Won’t Leave You Hungry

I can’t tell you how many times friends and colleagues have asked me, “What am I supposed to put on fall salads?” Summer apparently spoils us so much with its bounty of produce that we’re stymied when fall arrives, overwhelmed with thoughts of pumpkin spice lattes and creamy bowls of macaroni and cheese.

Well, here’s some great news ― fall flavors make the best salads around. While a few of the season’s best ingredients might need to be cooked in advance ― think butternut squash, sweet potatoes or crispy bacon ― no one’s allergic to a little planning. Preseed your pomegranates so you can sprinkle them onto your salad, keep some cooked quinoa in your refrigerator and toast up some nuts. With just a little preparation, you’ve got an entire season of satisfying salads in your future.

Check out 19 of our favorite salad recipes below for inspiration.

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