AI Is a New Weapon in the Battle Against Counterfeits

When Olivia Matthaei, a consignment store sales clerk, needs to check whether a designer handbag is authentic, she knows the drill. She grabs a custom camera with a microscope lens provided by Entrupy, a New York-based artificial-intelligence startup. The shape of a bulky battery pack, it pops onto an iPhone or iPod. She opens the Entrupy app and selects a brand from a list.

The app guides her through taking photos of different parts of the bag, such as specific areas of the fabric and logo, as she presses the camera against the material. It normally takes a user three to five minutes to go through the authentication process, but she is faster because the store, Opulent Habits, in Madison, N.J., has been using the app since 2018.

“I can do it in less than a minute at this point,” Ms. Matthaei says.

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