33 Questions Americans Need To Answer

Well well well you thought you’d seen the last of me.

You thought we milked all the “what people think of Americans” content for all it’s worth!

We’re back with another list of questions asking “what do Americans mean” when they say common terms/phrases.


What *do* Americans mean when they say ‘biscuits in gravy’? All the pictures look like scones in lumpy jizz.


What does it mean when Americans say they are a “hockey mom”? Their child plays hockey and they take them to practices?


what do americans mean when they say “transfer to a 4 year school”? i thought all universities there are 4 years


What do Americans MEAN when they say ‘downtown’ I saw someone on a YouTube comment refer to ‘the downtown area of York’ and I have NO IDEA what they are talking about


What do Americans mean when they ask “where are you from?”. I’m always confused 😭 like where do I live or where am I originally from?


What do Americans mean by “Government name”? I thought your parents named y’all over there


What do Americans mean in tv/films when they sexily say, “I’m just going to… freshen up 😏”
Are they washing their nethers or what?


What do Americans mean when they refer to ‘mountain time’? I want to live somewhere that’s on mountain time!


What do Americans mean when they say someone is a tool? It seems like an insult, but tools are useful.


What do americans mean when they say period after a sentence or something? Is it just like saying full stop? I’m confused :’D


I never actually knew why ppl say “happy belated”… Lol like what does that really mean and why do americans say it


Why do Americans measure everything in “football fields” long? What does that mean to anyone else in the world?